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Affordable Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun

Posted in Spray Gun on March 22nd, 2011 by admin – 176 Comments

Spraying finish is by far the quickest method for applying finish, and often yields the best results.  If you’ve been wanting to move beyond your brush-and-can technique, here’s an opportunity to do just that at an affordable price.  This new gravity feed HVLP spray gun from Rockler will get you spraying finishes for around $50.

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HVLP means high volume (of air) and low (air) pressure.  Without getting too technical, that translates into greatly reduced over-spray for HVLP guns over standard guns, without sacrificing the atomization necessary to achieve a good finish. Many wood finishers – especially those who have a need to change finishes often – prefer gravity feed guns because they’re a snap to clean compared to siphon guns, pressure pot systems and airless sprayers.

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The gun comes with a locking regulator and a 1.4mm needle/nozzle set – an “all-around” size recommended for base coats and clear finishes.  The optional disposable in-line air filters keep the moisture and gunk out of the air moving through the gun, and are more than worth the couple of extra bucks, as are the the optional mesh feed filters and gun stand.  All-in-all, this HVLP gun is an excellent introduction, for even the most modest woodworking budget, to the world of spray finishing.

What Makes a Pepper Spray Gun So Popular?

Posted in Spray Gun on March 18th, 2011 by admin – 2 Comments

1) The ease with which this gun is used is what makes it so popular. It is as simple as aim and click, which any person either male or female of any age can easily do. As soon as you feel threat from the assailant, pull it out, aim it at the person, pull the trigger, and off you go! You can always refill the canister or the pepper cartridge once it is used.

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2) The size of the gun is so small that it can easily slide into the purse of a woman and so there is no problem in carrying one with you all the time. For the color and beauty conscious people these are available in lots of colors so you can match it to your dress if you want to. Jokes apart, though its small it can give seven quick shots or one long continues shot at a distance of 20-25 feet.

3) Price is always the major constraint even when the product is very appealing and fortunately, these pepper spray guns are cheap. You can get one for as low as 15-20 bucks! Therefore, if you can get something so powerful which can even bring down the most powerful person down to his knees, the 20 bucks is well worth it.

4) Pepper spray gun is very powerful object of self-defense that can help you in situations where you might be helpless against the assailants. The fact that you can shoot the person from a distance of 25 feet is comforting, as one can act as soon as they sense something wrong. Sometime you might miss the aim but nothing to worry you can shot almost 7 times. This is also helpful if there is more than one attacker.

Troubleshooting Pneumatic Tools: Pneumatic torque wrenches, air ratchet wrench

Posted in Pneumatic Tools on March 16th, 2011 by admin – 124 Comments

Troubleshooting Pneumatic Tools: Pneumatic torque wrenches, air ratchet wrench
Symptom: pneumatic tools or slow action
Possible reasons:
1, the pressure is too low;
2, the air hose leak;
3, the pressure suddenly reduced;
4, pneumatic tools in the non-oil;

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Hydraulic Handheld

Posted in Pneumatic Tools on March 2nd, 2011 by admin – 189 Comments

For those of you who may not be aware, Total Machine Concepts offers both hydraulic and pneumatic tools.   This isn’t to discourage anyone from using handheld tools, just to give you a little greater introduction to the lesser used hydraulic version of the handheld tool line that’s also available. 

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In order for you to understand the best choice for your specific project, I’m outlining the differences between the tool choices.  It seems that most everyone understands pneumatic tools, so I’ll take this time to show you the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic tools.

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Central Pneumatic

Posted in Pneumatic Tools on February 28th, 2011 by admin – 232 Comments

If you’re new to pneumatic tools, you might assume that these tools are going to separate you from a bunch of your hard-earned green — but that’s not necessarily so. The 18-gauge Central Pneumatic is a fine example of an honest, hard-working nailer, and at $20, it won’t murder your budget.

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Is this going to become a treasured family heirloom?  No.  But as long as you treat it with reasonable care, it’ll get the job done long enough for you to save up for a better rig a year down the road. In the meantime, for less than the cost of renting one, you can continue on your woodworking way.

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Pneumatic Tools – Basic Safety

Posted in Airbrush Kit on February 25th, 2011 by admin – 1 Comment

Review the manufacturer’s instruction before using a tool.
Wear safety glasses or a face shield and, where necessary, safety shoes or boots and hearing protection.
Post warning signs where pneumatic tools are used. Set up screens or shields in areas where nearby workers may be exposed to flying fragments, chips, dust, and excessive noise.
Ensure that the compressed air supplied to the tool is clean and dry. Dust, moisture, and corrosive fumes can damage a tool. An in-line regulator filter and lubricator increases tool life.
Keep tools clean and lubricated, and maintain them according to the manufacturers’ instructions.
Use only the attachments that the manufacturer recommends for the tools you are using.
Be careful to prevent hands, feet, or body from injury in case the machine slips or the tool breaks.
Reduce physical fatigue by supporting heavy tools with a counter-balance wherever possible.

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Make a statement with a temporary tattoo airbrush kit

Posted in Airbrush Kit on February 24th, 2011 by admin – 126 Comments

When you reckon of airbrushing, car detailing may come to mind. But, you can do much more with an airbrush! The array of airbrush art alternatives is endless or limited by your own creativity. Airbrushing can be a leisure activity that someone can delight in, but it can also be a profitable career. Airbrush art include many uses in body art. Paasche airbrush kits for example are altered for many uses that include nail and body art, sunless tanning, and last but not least – my favourite, airbrush tattoos! Looking on online auctions to find your temporary tattoo airbrush kits, you will easily find those cheap but fantastic quality airbrush kit at really affordable prices while usually being guaranteed.
Make your statement with airbrush tattoo body art without the continuity of an ink tattoo. Temporary airbrush tattoos will typically last on average 5 days and is easily reapplied if you’d prefer to do so. You may choose from a variety of airbrush tattoo kits which will include the vital and crucial accessories.

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Correcting Spray Gun Air Pressure Problems

Posted in Spray Gun on February 21st, 2011 by admin – 244 Comments

A well cared for spray gun can last for many decades, even a lifetime – after all, it is not subjected to high stresses like a hammer, a saw, or any angle grinder, and spraying paint is involves little sharp contact with other surfaces and no pressure or strain.

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As long as you clean your spray gun and leave it in a place where it is unlikely to be injured by other objects being set atop it, and the like, you can expect many years of faithful service from this device, and will probably be using it long after many of your other current tools have worn out and been replaced. Some painters report using a single spray gun for twenty-five years or more – although, of course, these are well-engineered American models which use good material, and modern Chinese models, frequently made of pot metal, may be less enduring.

Nevertheless, spray guns are not perfect or infallible, and there will inevitably be moments when they fail you. Parts will be misadjusted or improperly lubricated, one of them will occasionally break and need to be repaired or replaced, and so on. Besides the air nozzle and air cap cleaning problems described in the previous article, there are some larger problems as well. These can be classified into two sets – air pressure problems and material (paint, primer, etc.) problems.

Like a worn-out lawnmower that continues to sputter after the safety handle has been released, air may continue to flow after you have released the trigger. This may happen for only a few seconds or, in more vigorous cases of this problem, may go on more or less indefinitely. The root of this difficulty is the air pressure needle – located directly forward of the air micrometer.

body shop you can trust.

Posted in Spray Gun on February 17th, 2011 by admin – 61 Comments

It’s a new year, and I’ve never been so excited about this business.

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Las year was the worse year yet. Slow sales, bad debt, no cash-flow. But this has all turned into an opportunity for us at The Spray Gun. We’ve taken a step back and had a breather, improved our quality and repair processes, made some new relationships that are bringing us more business and we’ve started a loaner car program. How about that? Have you heard of an auto body shop in Las Vegas with a loaner car program in the last twenty years?

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Did you see CES this year? That Samsung booth had the painting decorations done by Spray Gun. Pretty cool, huh?

Citadel Spray Gun – First Impressions

Posted in Spray Gun on January 19th, 2011 by admin – 1 Comment

The gun was easy to use, especially for someone like myself who has never worked with an airbrush before. There’s not a lot of fine control, although between the propellant valve and the paint cap there’s just enough adjustability to control the intensity of the spray. There was very little overspray (which always makes my wife happy; she hates seeing paint on the concrete), and the coverage was smooth and consistent. Having the speed and coverage of a spray can combined with the drying speed and lack of fumes of water-based acrylic paint makes me very happy. I still need to spray the bottoms of the hulls and turrets, as well as the inside faces of the engine nacelles, but that should go quickly enough.

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My only concern about continuing to use the spray gun is the cost of propellant. Roughly one-third to half of a can was used up in getting three tanks mostly done. At most, I’m likely to get the undersides of these vehicles done, and then possibly a Piranha or two painted before I run out. At $8 a can, I’m glad that I don’t have too many more vehicles to paint this way. On the other hand, I don’t know if I would use the gun so much as to warrant the cost of an air compressor-powered solution (and apparently, you can hook up the Citadel sprayer to an air compressor with an adapter). Even with the price of propellant, though, I’d still give the spray gun a solid thumbs-up. For an airbrush amateur like myself, it’s a welcome addition to my painting toolkit.